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Light of Christ Local Board Hosts Division Kindergarten Family Event - @loccsd.ca #serve #catholicedsk #loccs

Being that this year’s Faith theme is serve, Light of Christ Local Board members and Senior Administration decided to serve their Kindergarten teachers by planning and preparing for a Kindergarten Family Night. The Board recognizes and appreciates all the extra time spent by teachers in making connections and building relationships with their students and their families beyond the classroom. For this very reason, the evening was centered on being thankful… Thankful for our teachers who put in extra time after working hours and thankful for our Kindergarten families who chose to be a part of our school division family. Light of Christ Catholic Schools is so blessed to have you!

After a warm welcome and some short introductions, a prayer written and read by board member, Adrienne Welter was said. Next, Miss Kohls, the Kindergarten teacher from Notre Dame provided students and their families with directions about the three stations they could circulate through. One of the stations included students and family members decorating their own puzzle piece to be displayed around the following message on the wall as to why they were there.

“Building Our Future By Learning Together”
We Are All
Pieces Of
GOD’s Family!

At another station, participants had the chance to make a turkey apple take home snack. Lots of learning was taking place in this activity with conversations connecting to literacy and numeracy.
The last station was how to make and play a colourful turkey math game. Students followed directions with support from others to make and play the turkey math game. The math game was working on subitizing (say how many without counting) using dice. Students were excited to take their game home to play it again.
While Local Board members, senior administration, principals, the learning coach and teachers assisted in the stations, the real success of the event was that parents spent quality time with their child as they are, without a doubt, their child’s favourite toy! On the way out, board members presented each Kindergarten student with a special prayer book. The evening was a huge success also combining Education Week’s theme, “Building Our Future By Learning Together” as that is exactly what we did and what Light of Christ Catholic Schools will continue to do for our children.

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A great end to Education week.... students and staff coming together in their houses for gym blast. #sm@loccsd.ca #catholicedsk #loccsd

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We blessed our outdoor classroom today. Thank you Father Peter. We also unveiled our dedication plaque and had a ribbon cutting ceremony. We had our oldest and youngest student (of students present) cut the ribbon together. Thank you students and parents for all of your fundraising efforts. #loccsd #catholicedsk #serve #rivierelementary@loccsd.ca #loccs

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Our Clergy are the light and face of Christ. They connect us to our parish communities. We cannot say "thank you" enough. ...

Father Cuong came to visit our afternoon Pre K class on Career Day. We learned about what a Father or Priest's job is about. We enjoyed getting to know him and singing with him. He invited us to visit him at the Church. #loccs #loccsd #catholicedsk #notredamenb

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Building our future by learning together @loccsd.ca #catholicedsk #skedweek #loccs ...

Kennedy in grade 5, made Bannock with her mom and brought it to school today to share with the PreKs and our Grade 5 Buddies. She explained what Bannock is and the different ways it can be made, including historically how it was baked on a stick over an open campfire. Miss Eppich read a story to all of us about a family and how they made their special Bannock. It was all very interesting and super delicious! We are learning about how Canada is made up of different cultures with our Grade 5 Buddies.

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