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If you’re open to Catholic education, our doors are open to you. Catholic education is open to any family who wants a Catholic, faith-based education for their kids. We believe it should stay that way.


I Am Catholic Education

I choose Catholic education because everyone is treated in the same way even if we don’t believe in the same things. It’s a great environment to be in because everyone is welcome and a part of our family. There is more than faith taught here and it will stay with me for the rest of my life. – Jeanny Jung

I Am Catholic Education

I choose Catholic education because the teachers here, more than any other school, are more connected to their students and want them to grow. – Layson Roan

I Am Catholic Education

I choose Catholic education because of the community that it provides, along with the education, along with the faith background, all contributes to a wholesome education rather than just educating your brain.  – Katie Dyck

I Am Catholic Education

I choose Catholic education because we practice the values of kindness, honesty, and respect. As a result, we are more of a family; we are open to all and get along well. – Courtney Johnson




I Am Catholic Education

I choose Catholic education because the values everyone carries influences me to be better in the school and in the community. Catholic education helps you find who you are in the community and gives you endless support in your journey. I find the staff and students have more respect for each other due to the environment they are in. It does not matter what religion you practice or which creator you believe in. Everyone is welcomed and treated with respect. – Allysa Woodrow

I AM Catholic Education

We choose Catholic education because it is family centered. Catholic education allows everyone to flourish.  – Curtis, Emily & Karen Simon

I AM Catholic Education

We choose Catholic education because it is diverse, welcoming, and open to everyone. – Jamie Killoran & Dur Phommavong

Fill Your Bucket This School Year! 

Did you know that all #LOCCS staff members are eligible for up to $300/person to participate in personal faith development? Click here to learn more about AP 135 – Personal Faith Development Grants and be sure to talk to your Faith Development Team representative. The application form can be found here. Please note that no interprovincial travel will be approved at this time due to COVID-19. 

Can’t find information about what faith development opportunities exist? Try these links:

Faith Permeation

Faith is the foundation of life in our Catholic schools. The vision of Catholic schools is shaped by reflection, action, official teaching, and prayer. It is grounded in the teaching of Jesus and his Church. Catholic schools are visibly Catholic by our commitment to permeating our faith in all parts of our school day.  Students in Catholic schools learn to be critical thinkers who evaluate facts in light of their faith, values, and the Church’s social doctrine. Students and staff are called to model Christ in their actions and relationships, to build up self-discipline and leadership skills, and to deepen discipleship. 

Through prayer, celebrations, retreats and social justice works, students develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They grow in their commitment to the Gospel’s call to actively transform the world into a better place for all people.

Faith Resources to Use Year-Round

The Holy See: This is the official site of the Vatican. Daily meditations, bulletins, and other documents are available here.

Citizenship Resources

Development and Peace, Caritas Canada has a wide array of resources and activities for classroom use. They are useful during Lent or within your social studies/sciences courses throughout the year. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already done so on the Development and Peace website.

Concentus Citizenship Education has grade-specific citizenship resources that directly align with Saskatchewan Social Sciences curricula. See more here.

SaskTel’s Be Kind Online is an initiative to bring awareness and education to cyberbullying and cyber safety. It is also a reminder that each and everyone one of us has an obligation to monitor our online behaviour and share in the opportunity to spread positivity. There are a number of resources to support youth, families and educators to address bullying prevention. See more at here.

Indigenous Resources

Kateri Television provides Catholic Education T.V. on demand. Videos and study guides explores the Medicine Wheel and how Aboriginal spirituality connects to Catholic teachings. See the program modules here.

Supporting Reconciliation in Saskatchewan Schools is a self-guided professional development module available to Saskatchewan educators. Check it our on at EDonline here.

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle, a Catholic coalition of Indigenous people, bishops, clergy, lay movements and institutes of consecrated life, has a new website.

    The Kateri Native Ministry in Ottawa does a lot of work in bridging the distance between Indigenous culture and Catholic spirituality. You may wish to review their website and the variety of programs they offer:

    School Events and Activities