This letter will automatically be emailed to the Hon. Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan; the Hon Don Morgan, Deputy Premier of Saskatchewan and Minister of Education; and Mr. Trent Wotherspoon, Leader of the Opposition.


Hon. Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan
Hon. Don Morgan, Deputy Premier of Saskatchewan and Minister of Education
Mr. Trent Wotherspoon, Leader of the Opposition

I write to you today as a supporter of Catholic education in Saskatchewan. I do so specifically in light of the restrictions on educational funding for non-Catholic students arising from Justice Donald Layh’s recent ruling against Christ the Teacher Roman Catholic Separate School Division and the Government of Saskatchewan.

I appreciate the announcement concerning invoking the “notwithstanding clause”, and the opposition support for this measure. It provides much needed and timely comfort to parents concerning uncertainty for the future education of their children that arose from the trial decision.

In order to ensure that parents who desire a faith-based education for their children would continue to have that opportunity, I would encourage the government to join in the appeal of this decision with Christ the Teacher and the seven other Catholic school boards in this province. I also encourage the opposition party to support such an appeal.

I ask that you continue to use whatever legal means necessary to support Catholic separate schools and educational options for Saskatchewan children.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for the continued protection of religious and educational freedom for the citizens of Saskatchewan.