Administrative Procedures

School Operations

AP 600 Organization for Instruction
AP 602 Student Supervision
AP 603 Student Governance
AP 606 Attendance of Students
AP 608 Retention of Students (Kindergarten to Grade Seven Students)
AP 609 Appeals and Complaints
AP 610 Seclusion and Physical Restraint
AP 610 FORM – Seclusion and Physical Restraint
AP 613 Student Conduct
AP 617 Emergency School Closure & Inclement Weather
AP 620 Lockdown Procedures
AP 622 Evacuation Plan
AP 624 Student Welfare
AP 625 Hold and Secure
AP 626 Safe and Caring Schools VTRA
AP 627 Bullying
AP 628 Student Alliances for Gender and Sexual Diversity (GSA) Formation Protocol
AP 630 Discipline
AP 632 Academic Integrity School
AP 635 School Nutrition
AP 637 Extra Curricular Activities
AP 638 Extra Curricular REcognition Program
AP 638 Form Extra – CoCurricular Log Sheet
AP 644 Fire Safety and Drills
AP 645 Disposal of Sharps and Drug Paraphernalia
AP 647 Injuries and or Accidents at School
AP 648 FORM – Application to Teach High Risk Physical Activities
AP 648 Physical Activities Safety
AP 650 Administering Medication and Medical Treatment to Students
AP 650 FORM – Administration of Prescribed Medication
AP 652 Service Dogs
AP 652 FORM – Medical Certificate
AP 652 FORM – Service Dog Application
AP 653 Protective Equipment
AP 655 Transferring, Lifting and Repositioning
AP 656 Students with Severe (Anaphylatic) Allergies
AP 658 Pediculosis (Head Lice)
AP 660 Weapons
AP 662 Drugs and Alcohol (Students)
AP 663 Break-Ins, Thefts and Vandalism
AP 665 Searches
AP 667 Damage to Property
AP 670 Volunteers
AP 674 Playground Development
AP 679 Learning Activities Outiside of School
AP 680 Buildings and Grounds Security