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LOCCS is a strengths-based organization that provides a high quality Catholic education to approximately 2000 students with schools located in North Battleford, Unity and Spiritwood. The Board of Education consists of seven trustees and utilizes a progressive policy governance model to lead the school division. LOCCS is known for its strong support for professional development, high teacher, student and community engagement, a 21st century learning environment and many other innovative approaches.


The Board of Education of LOCCS believes in a holistic view of education permeated in the Catholic faith. We strive every day to provide our students, parents and community with the best educational experience possible given the resources available. Our goal is to provide our students with the most relevant instructional and assessment practices possible in an  effort to maximize student engagement and promote the graduation of all of our students. We accomplish this by challenging our students at the appropriate level and providing programs and opportunities that will prepare them not only for graduation, but for life after graduation as engaged citizens. This is achieved by creating an environment of trust where relationships are of the utmost importance.

North Battleford

Strategic Plan
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LOCCS Mission & Vision
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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: 

"In a strengths-based community centered on Christ, we pray, educate and serve."


Vision Statement:

"Our vision is to create faith-filled school communities where our students and staff wake up every morning feeling inspired to go to school. When at school, we want our staff and students to be fully engaged in the learning process, feel safe and supported, develop their unique talents and strengths, and return home fulfilled and at peace at the end of the day."


1-page Strategic Plan 22-23

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